What is TrickTape?

TrickTape is a simple way to make your skate shoes last longer. Every skater knows what it’s like to buy a fresh new pair of shoes, only to have them ripped to pieces days or weeks later, leaving two options: a sketchy homemade repair or paying for another pair.

Made from durable suede with an adhesive backing, TrickTape works on shoes of all shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Use it to repair holes in your shoes, or preventatively before they start to rip, so that pair of shoes that only lasted a couple weeks is still going strong months later.

Stop spending more than you have to on shoes that are going to rip anyway. With all that cash staying in your pocket, you can save up for more important things like a new deck, set of wheels, fine steak dinner, or that roth IRA.



How To

TrickTape Pick Location

Toe, side, heel, laces, wherever your shoes get shredded, TrickTape’s got you covered. Wherever you’re patching, do your best cleaning the surface beforehand to ensure maximum stickage.

TrickTape Shape it

If using on curved surfaces (like the toe), cut patch in half so there aren’t any folds and it stays on your shoe! Conserve that high quality suede and cut only as much as you need, using smaller pieces to protect the laces or minor areas in need of some love.

TrickTape Stick it on

Go on... do it... get that sticky suede flush against your shoe for best results.

TrickTape Go Skate!

Get out there and put TrickTape to the test knowing your shoes are well protected.

Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

As a business, we believe it's our responsibility to be a source of continual positive change in our community. Our goal is to harness the good we get from riding and pay it forward, so others can experience the stoke for themselves and do the same.

With that, we've partnered with Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the life of Jimmy Miller. The JMMF provides free of charge its unique program of Ocean Therapy to the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, as well as the Veterans from the West LA Veterans Hospital and youth from several care and shelter facilities for at risk and foster children.

The JMMF Ocean Therapy program combines occupational and recreational therapies with the sport of surfing in the healing environment of the ocean. Ocean Therapy is proven to assist recovery and rehabilitation for those challenged by Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (“PTSD”), traumatic brain injuries, and other emotional, mental, and medical conditions.

For every roll sold on our website, we donate $1 to the JMMF, an organization filled with good people committed to a good cause. Know that your purchase, albeit small, adds up to create a real, tangible impact in the lives of those who deserve it.

To donate and for more information, please visit www.jimmymillerfoundation.org.

About Us

TrickTape is the product of a couple of guys who weren’t happy with how quickly their shoes wore out, and thought there was a better way than using duct tape or shoe goo. So why not create a tape made of the same material as their shoes? After taking the time to test for the best, most durable suede, voilà TrickTape was born.

Skateboarding is great. Pushing yourself, creative expression, the sense of achievement... so many good things come from riding, and we hope in a small way this product helps people find that.

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